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Water And Sewage

Water And Sewage

Rana Group offers complete solutions in the following areas pertaining to water engineering & construction:

Our services include concept to commissioning of turnkey plants, design and engineering packages, upgradation of existing plants, trouble-shooting etc. We have worked along with our Associates in various industries.

We handle a wide variety of Water Treatment applications including Water Softening Plants, De-mineralised Water Plants, Reverse Osmosis Plants, Mineral Water Plants etc. The Effluent Treatment applications we have deal with include complete plants with Primary, Secondary and Tertiary treatments, Chlorination / Ozonation units for disinfection etc.

We along with our Associates have state of the art technology, modern manufacturing facilities, a wide sales network and highly trained and skilled personnel which all put together have given us an edgeover others.

Thus relying on the infrastructure, excellent personnel and our endeavour to offer best services to our clients, we can proudly say that we offer complete solutions to water and effluent treatment needs of the industry at large.