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Darsh Optima Private Limited

Darsh Optima Private Limited

DARSH OPTIMA PRIVATE LIMITED (DOPL), is involved in the business of import and export of agricultural equipment and dairy machines and equipment, catering to the needs of the agriculture and forestry sector for their need of mechanising and reducing labour and thereby increasing the production of agri products and dairy products.

DOPL is also into the construction sector and its portfolio of construction activities includes the civil construction for power projects, major industrial projects like aluminium and steel production plants, infrastructure projects, roads & bridges, structural works, etc.

Apart from industrial and infrastructure projects, DOPL is also catering to needs of urban community by developing and constructing the houses (Real Estate), building, and other civic amenities.

Today, DOPL has business partnerships with various international giants in the segment of agricultural and dairy machines and equipment, like OJSC Gomselmash of Republic of Belarus, Celikal Tarim of Turkey, Fusinda of China, etc. and is carrying out their operation in India, Asia and Africa.

DOPL is also the Indian partner of China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC) for their joint operation for various construction and development projects in India and southwest Asia.